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Dodgeball Digest: Summer 2015

Limitless: 2015 Summer Program
Boy, did we have a blast this summer!!!
Our scripture from Ephesians says it all:
"God can do anything, you know-- far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!"

Imagined futures at:
IU -- BSU-- Purdue -- IUPUI -- Indiana Weslayan.
Played and explored at:
Marion Splash House -- canoeing -- Mounds Park -- Incrediplex -- Ben and Ari's -- horseback riding -- Brown's Pool -- Colts practice -- Fever game -- bowling
magnolia miracle pots -- inspirational mernda totems -- recycled magazine eagles-- postcard extensions -- attempted plaster hands -- tye dye t-shirts -- cookies!
Helped with:
cleaning @ Ingalls Food Pantry -- organizing clothes @ Outfitters, Inc. -- sold concessions & prayed @ the All Star Classic -- picked veggies for Community Supper -- walked dogs @ the Madison County Humane Society -- picked out outfits for Safe Families.



Daily we focused on kindness with each other, humility, putting others before yourself and respect. We stopped to pray whenever there was anger or pride present. One child in particular had a breakthrough in spirit near the end of camp. Where he used to get mad and yell, he started to laugh and joke. The other campers were also very encouraging towards this young man and we thank the Lord for this breakthrough!! 
Weekly scripture:
1 Timothy 4:12, Jeremiah 29:11, Matthew 17:20, Isaiah 40:31, Mark 9:23, Esther 4:14

Worship with:

Andrew Hodges and Charlie Boren on banjo (Fall Creek Christian Church): about how we need not fear!
Doug Erhgott (Horizon International): perspective and drum circle!
Keith Wooden (Ovid Community Church): nothing can change God's love for us
Jay Harvey and Derek Bishop (Pendleton Christian Church): faith of a mustard seed
Dustin Ritz (First Methodist): taking a step of obedience
Elliott Bramley: God's light always being present in us, even in darkness
Jonathon Roller and Andrew Hodges on geeetar (Fall Creek Christian Church): Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego
Devin Dummel (Pendleton Christian Church): Limitless!

Click the link below to see all the fun we had!

Times, They are a'changin...
This summer, Nanci Custer chose to obey God's leading and resign as Executive Director for IMAGINE IF. She is using this time to refocus on her family and wants everyone to know how much she misses IMAGINE IF already!
Lucky for all of us, God's always got something in the works behind the scenes. He had been priming an awesome individual to come into this spot. We couldn't be happier to have Chris Schnepp on board with us and we asked him to introduce himself to the IMAGINE IF community.

"Hello, My name is Chris Schnepp and I am the Interim Director at Imagine If. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. I have lived in Pendleton for most of my life and graduated from Pendleton Heights High School in 1981. I am married to a very wonderful woman named Kellie. I am guessing most of you know her, because she seems to know everyone. We have three boys Bradley, Brent, and Brandon.  Bradley and his wife Melissa have been married for three years. Brent and his wife Jenny have been married for 5 years and have 3 girls. (Riley, Harper, and Laine.  Brandon is a senior at Anderson University.  He has bought his girlfriend Sami a ring, but she doesn't get it until it is paid off.  

I have been in public education for 27 years as a teacher and administrator. I have felt a strong calling from God to do something different with my life this spring. When Nanci told me she was leaving Imagine If, I was immediately led by God to explore stepping into her shoes. Since that time everything has fallen into place for me take resign my position at school and assume the role of Executive Director at Imagine If. I am so excited to be a part of this program. I feel that with my experiences as a young child and my background in education, I can serve as a mentor to your children. I have some ideas for growth that I will share in the future. You can be assured that your children will receive the same excellent programming that has always been provided.  

I look forward to meeting you and your children this fall. I am planning an open house in August so that you can meet the Imagine If staff and myself. Be on the lookout for more information."

If you would like to reach Chris about anything, he is available at

If you would like to support this program by donating financially, you may:

Send check (made to IMAGINE IF) to PO Box 187, Pendleton, IN 46064
 (please note if you would like to be a monthly donor and we can send you reminders)

Donate online at Support Us

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